How 7 Card Stud Poker Came into Being

One cannot start talking about the history of 7 card stud poker without mentioning where poker as a gambling game originates from. Well, at this point, you do not have to expect to get a specific year when this game has come into being because there are more speculations on this fact. First of all, it is worth mentioning that the game has never been a game per se in that it has resulted mainly from a combination of other games.

Some say that its ‘ancestor’ is a game known as Poque (the French name signifying ‘knocking’) due to many similarities it contains to the current game of poker. Others go with the belief that it originates from a Persian game known as ‘nas’, so one might say that poker as it is nowadays has two ancestors: French and Persians games combined in a single one.

As to the method of bluffing that is so commonly used by many poker players and 7 card stud players as well, this one originates in an English game known as ‘brag’, which was also a card game only that it was played with three cards instead of five.

So, we have unveiled some of the mystery surrounding the origins of poker game, and now let’s move on to its introduction to the USA gamblers. It is a well known fact that New Orleans has been long ago the city to attract mostly the first games that related in a way or another to gambling.

This is where we find poker game introduced (or at least mentioned of) in 1829 where gamblers used to play with a deck of 20 cards – all of them being only the highest value – starting with 10s and ending with Ks and As. It is however interesting to notice that at that time the game didn’t bear a name, but the winner was the one who held the highest cards in a number of five.

Later on, we find poker mentioned by an author in one of his books where players used 52 card deck to claim their ‘pokes’ and for this reason they were as well called ‘pokers’. This is where one can say that poker has finally got its name. As to the stud poker version, this one was firstly introduced during the American Civil War and it is presumed that it got its name from cowboys who lived in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana – stud-horse.

It was in the early years of 20th century when 7 card stud poker was introduced after draw poker version has held its supremacy for quite some time. Again, it is not known exactly who came up with this version of poker, but it used to be very popular among the poker players for quite some time, until Texas Hold’Em appeared as its slight variation.

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